The History Of Baked Well Cakes

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Welcome to Baked Well Cakes, founded by myself, Emma Howes, a Norfolk born Chef who has been in the catering trade since a young age.

My passion is baking.​ Cakes. Desserts. Nibbles. Breads. You name it, I love to bake it. I also enjoy mixing things up a touch! 

I'm not your traditional sort of baker however, I can produce the majority of traditional baked goods on request! I enjoy taking some of the best traditional recipes, and working with some of the newest and most exciting products on the market to completely recreate the bake to another level. I have hand-picked and sourced the finest ingredients and work with some of the best local suppliers to ensure my clients receive the best on the market.

A big part of what I love doing is creating products with love, care and  purpose. For me, that purpose is to help people. For those of us who have yeast or gluten intolerance's, diabetes  or if you just want to try a healthier and environmentally friendlier treat, I enjoy making and creating delicious baked goods that can cater for anyone and for any dietary requirement!

Another passion of mine is nutrition and the use of natural super foods. There are so many benefits from super foods, let alone the fact that most of them taste amazing!

We are also very excited to say we have recently joined the Vegan Traders Union, and are proud to support other Vegan independently run businesses!